Common Septic System Problems

Most septic companies provide many specific services, but let’s take a look at the big picture of what they generally do to solve septic problems.  Here are three of the most basic and common septic system problems and what most companies do to fix them—and get ready for the third one, because that’s where this whole article is pointing.

1) Clogged Septic Tank

Is your septic tank clogged? A very high percentage of septic companies can help; they can fix a clogged septic tank like nobody’s business! They’ve invested in the very expensive equipment they need to pump out the solids and liquids alike, and can clean or replace a clogged filter in a jiffy.

2) Clogged Septic Pipes

A high percentage of septic companies have invested in various equipment for clearing not only the pipes between the house and the septic tank, but the pipes between the septic tank and the soil and gravel in the drain field.

3) Clogged Septic Drain Field Soil And Gravel

If your septic drain field soil is clogged, the EarthBuster can help. It’s the cutting edge of septic drain field service. Naturally, as with any new technological breakthrough, those septic companies who aren’t up on the EarthBuster’s pneumatic soil fracturing technology are still handling clogged drain field soils and gravels in the “old school” way: They simply replace or rebuild the entire drain field, at a huge expense to the homeowner, when all that really needs to be done is to put the EarthBuster to work on the overgrown biomat or the overly-compacted ground in the drain field itself.

Imagine tearing out the clogged septic tank and replacing it with a new one when it could simply be pumped out instead! Well, that’s what a lot of companies are still doing when the septic drain field soil is clogged. The EarthBuster now makes it possible to unclog the drain field soil and gravel immediately and at a much lower expense!

Technology is always advancing, of course, and it’s a constant battle to stay on the cutting edge.  Get an EarthBuster to put your company on the cutting edge, and to truly be a “full service” septic contractor!