EarthBuster’s Septic Drain Field Treatment & Stabilization

Our EarthBuster Deep Soil Decompactor is unlike any other product on the market! If you have a septic tank, you’ll want one of these—or at least one of our contractors on speed dial—to help you out. You’ll be glad you do when your septic tank smells or you see black or dark gray ooze coming from your drain field.

How can EarthBuster help you fix your drain field problems?

EarthBuster’s septic drain field treatment can restore your soil, so you don’t have to replace your drain field entirely or worry about property damage. Most companies will just tell you to replace your drain field, costing you thousands of dollars you could have spent elsewhere. But we don’t recommend following their advice.

So, how does our septic drain field treatment work?

EarthBuster injects compressed air around the drain field, at a controlled depth, breaking up an overgrowth of the sewer biomat on the walls of the drainage area and loosening up the soil in the absorption soil, so that it moves away and evaporates as designed. The EarthBuster also allows oxygen into the system allowing it to have a healthy environment for the bacteria that can digest the biomaterial.

With a crew of one to two people and a tractor that you currently own or rent, you can complete the septic drain field treatment under four hours. The following tractor work with the EarthBuster.

  • Skid-Steers
  • Mini Excavators
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Farm Tractors
  • Mini-skidsteers

Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about the EarthBuster septic drain field treatment. We can’t wait for you to be another one, and we can’t wait to save you both money and time. Our EarthBuster contractors are located throughout the United States, so you’ll be able to find a contractor near you without a problem!

If you have any questions regarding how to become a contractor, or about having a contractor come out to you, please call 406-670-8318 or email