About the Company


Ken and Peggy Miller are the owners and manufacturers of EarthBuster, and also operate as EarthBuster service providers in Eastern Montana.

K&P Enterprises, LLC, doing business as “EarthBuster”, is a family-owned business in Laurel, Montana, USA.  We manufacturer the patented EarthBuster right here in America, and plan to sell it throughout the world.


We discovered the EarthBuster when Ken was looking for a machine suitable for septic drain field rejuvenation on some rental properties.  When he saw what the EarthBuster could do, he liked it so much that he bought out the patent and the trademark from the inventor so that he could own it for himself!

The Future

We continue to make slight improvements on this excellent invention, and we also have our sights set on giving it the strong marketing support that any product needs to succeed in the global market today.