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BREAKING NEWS:  EarthBuster to exhibit at GCSAA Trade Show in Phoenix, AZ—Jan 29 through Feb 1, 2024

EarthBuster will be an exhibitor at the 2024 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in Phoenix, AZ (January 29 to February 1, 2024).  We’ll be in Booth 26.  If you plan to come, please let us know and we’ll be on the lookout for you!

Puddles on the path or in the fairways can make a mess for players and grounds crew alike!

EarthBuster for Golf Courses

EarthBuster does for saturated golf courses the same thing it does for saturated landscapes and septic systems everywhere.  It re-opens clogged passageways in the top 6 feet of your golf course’s soil (or up to 9 feet with a custom probe), which lets the surface water drain faster, and especially after a puddling rain.

Drains Puddles Much Faster!

Drainage time is very costly to your business.  Our own internal study showed that EarthBuster can lower puddle drainage time to as low as 1/6 of what it would be on similar untreated ground!  And if you know golf courses, you’ll know you want that puddle gone ASAP, before it starts causing problems like these:

  • Softening the edges of paved paths, leaving them to crumble under cart traffic.
  • Eroding and/or drowning the turf.
  • Cart tires creating ruts in the turf.
  • Golfers getting sprayed.

Puddly Path on Clyne Golf Course. Click image for photo credit.

You can treat low-lying areas with EarthBuster whether or not they have puddles on them at the time of treatment.  This means you can do it even in the rain, if you must, or in a standing puddle afterward—and if you have the leisure of treating known puddling areas when they are dry, you’ll save yourself the extra trouble of having to clean up tracks from your own tractor.


EarthBuster is a tractor attachment that breaks up your soil using environmentally-friendly compressed air from your own compressor (185 psi).  Our standard probe goes up to 6 feet into the ground, where it delivers powerful shots of air to fracture hardened or clogged soils, allowing water to flow through more freely.

Aided by a powerful airhammer as needed, the probe can be driven to the depth of your choice, and you can deliver as many shots of air as you like at any depth.  You can often see drainage begin right before your eyes.


The EarthBuster uses compressed air to break up clogged/compacted soil, restoring the natural flow of liquids.


Here’s an unedited video of EarthBuster being used on a heavily-compacted gravel driveway that was puddling.  You can hear the bursts of air going into the ground, and see the bubbling of air in the puddles.

How to Purchase or Lease an EarthBuster

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