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We are advertising our EarthBuster contractor services nationally all the time so that homeowners can find our EarthBuster contractors.  It is important to us that all our EarthBusters are successful and providing quality services.

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For Use With:

Skid-steers, mini excavators, compact track loaders, farm tractors, dingo type loaders
*Fits nearly any type of tractor with a Quick Attach system!


Main Features

The Power of Air

The EarthBuster probe uses the power of clean, compressed air to force lateral and upward passages into the soil at depths up to six feet. As a result, fluids and air are allowed to flow freely throughout the treated area.

bust the biomat

EarthBuster was invented to break up the biomat in troubled septic drainfields, therefore restoring the percolation/leaching action to its original state.

6 Times Faster Absorption

EarthBuster is a scientifically proven method of increasing the speed of water flow through treated soils. In one study, water drained through EarthBusted soil 6 TIMES FASTER than the control group soil!

Strong Profits for Contractors

Contractors who use EarthBuster for septic drain field remediation earn strong profits, so they can generally pay back the investment in about 10 jobs or so!

Approved by many sanitarians and regulating agencies

EarthBuster is already approved for drain field soil restoration by sanitarians and health agencies in many locations.

Long-lasting results

Many drainfields restored by EarthBuster are still working 10 + years later.

pull-behind compressor

EarthBuster is powered by your own pull-behind compressor. 185 cfm is ideal to keep it ready to blow just as fast as you can push the trigger!

Why not fix the soil?

Many companies can fix septic tank and the drain field lines, but why not fix the soil too? After all, the soil used to work, right? EarthBuster restores the soil to a level of percolation that is within standards, so why not become a true “full service” company?

Everybody wins!

When a customer can’t afford to replace a drain field, the contractor often walks away with $0 and everybody loses. EarthBuster can fix the existing field in 2-3 hours, resulting in a strong profit for the contractor, while also coming in considerably less expensive for the homeowner than replacement. In conclusion, everybody wins!

We help you get work

We help service providers get help in several ways—like putting them in our Directory of Service Providers for free.

Buy factory direct - Made in America

EarthBuster is made in the USA, right here in Laurel, Montana! We also sell directly with no “middleman” to raise your prices!

Return on investment

EarthBuster has an extremely strong ROI (return on investment). Think how many hundreds of jobs it takes to pay off a Pumper truck or an excavator. Now imagine what it would be like if you could pay them off in just 10-or-so jobs!

Get the jump!

Get the jump on your competitors by being the first in your market to offer this service! Just one job every couple of months and your earnings can stay ahead of your payments!

Same-day approval for financing

No need to wait! Get your purchase approved today with our financing partner. We can have it delivered to your location in a week or so!

You know you want it!

We know we’ve told you enough to make you want an EarthBuster. You’ve probably already seen how your business needs one, too! However, feel free to look through the pages of information we’ve provided on this website—videos, pictures, specs, testimonials, and more!

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Customer Testimonials from Everywhere

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…so impressed that my company bought out the patent and took over the manufacturing!

“As a contractor, I continue to be amazed at how quickly the EarthBuster can rejuvenate a septic drain field with long lasting results. Substantial drainage improvement is almost always obvious even before we’ve finished a job. And EarthBuster is not just for septic systems; there are lots of opportunities for solving drainage issues in various situations, such as gravel parking lots and sports fields. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my customers such a cost-effective solution that I know they’ll be satisfied with for years to come. But it’s more than just that; the EarthBuster provides strong profits for the contractor, too—much stronger than a pumper truck. So with the EarthBuster, everybody wins—homeowner and contractor alike. In fact, when I began to realize what a strong solution EarthBuster is for these common problems, I was so impressed that my company bought out the patent and took over the manufacturing!”  November 2015.  K&P Enerprises, LLC

Ken Miller EarthBuster Manufacturer and Service Provider Laurel, MT June 27, 2022

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At least 50 [jobs] and the machine worked great!

"The EarthBuster machine works great. We have been using it for 13 years now. We have restored at least 50 septic fields and the machine worked great."  17 February, 2016.  Read Septic Service

Joseph Smith EarthBuster Service Provider St. Charles, IL June 27, 2022

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Money back in 10 to 12 jobs.

“I’ve had my EarthBuster for 7 or 8 years.  I think it’s a great value; for what it costs, you can get your money back in 10 to 12 jobs.  I’ve probably done a hundred jobs.  I’m giving people a one-year guarantee—I’m so confident in it.  I just think it’s a great thing.” 18 February 2016

Jeff Field EarthBuster Service Provider Highland, MI June 27, 2022

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The [home show] response was overwhelming.

"Soon after buying an EarthBuster we demonstrated all the advantages and usages it had at a local home show. The response was overwhelming for septic drain field rejuvenation, drainage improvement and other uses. It is really exciting to have a solution for home owners and small businesses that will save them money, with very minimal disruption to the lawn and landscaping. The only disappointment is the number of people we could have helped if we would have bought the EarthBuster sooner."  28 February 2016.  Common Ground Concepts LLC

Randy Miller EarthBuster Service Provider Newport, WA June 27, 2022

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13 years…very profitable.

“We’ve had the EarthBuster about 13 years, and it has been very profitable.  We’re able to get a good price for the service while still saving the customer a lot of money.  We’ve had no problems with the jobs we’ve done—even the first EarthBuster jobs we did 13 years ago are still working.  Before we got the EarthBuster, we were doing this job with an earlier machine, back to 20 years ago, and even with those jobs, we have only had to go back on a couple of those jobs.  So we’ve had 20 years of experience doing this type of drainfield restoration work, and the success rate is very high.  We really like the EarthBuster because it’s much faster to use than the older machines, and with our compact track loader’s tracks, we hardly ever do any damage to the lawn.”
15 April 2016.  Read Septic Service

Henry Warfel, Read Septic Service EarthBuster Service Provider St. Charles, IL June 27, 2022

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Fixed my own drainfield, and then…

“After developing problems with my [own] septic drain-field being waterlogged last year, I discovered [EarthBuster] as a solution.  But there was no one in this half of Montana, and North Dakota that does this.  So after a lot of research, I … bought the equipment to do Earthbusting.  Last November … I decompacted or fracked my drain field and it worked amazingly well.  So then I did Larry Dempsey’s drain field which was in worse shape than mine and again had amazing results.  April 5, 2020.

Richard Lange EarthBuster Service Provider Wolf Point, MT June 27, 2022

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Statement from Dig-It Excavating

"Eight years ago we did our first [EarthBuster job], and that’s one’s still for sure working. Most of the systems that we’ve aerated over the years are still working. I think there’s maybe one or two that we had to go back because of the hydraulic load, where the systems just weren’t big enough to handle all the people that were living there, so we had to put in a bigger system. But our oldest one is 8 years, and we’ve had good success."

From a phone interview with Dervin Witmer, owner of Dig-It Excavating, Cassopolis, MI

Dervin Witmer EarthBuster Service Provider Cassopolis, MI June 24, 2022

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First EarthBuster job lasted over 5 years!

"I've been talking it up!  I'm very impressed with [EarthBuster].  We had Ken do most of our drainfield [in 2017] except for a section we couldn't get the line locate done for in time.  In the last couple of months, we've had a cesspool forming over part of the area he treated, so we're going to get that line-locate done and have him come back out."

Service provided in 2017 by K&P Enterprises

Donnie Rhodes Homeowner Billings, MT June 16, 2022

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It’s been 7 years and it’s working fine!

It's still working fine, and we're very pleased!  Ken did a really good job!

Service provided in 2015 by K&P Enterprises

Duna Weinreich Homeowner Billings, MT June 16, 2022

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“Fantastic!” after 7 years

[After seven years] it's fabulous! I'm telling you, it's working good!  I haven't had any issues at all.
The soil was just saturated and needed to be opened up.  I've recommended it to people since then!

Service provided in 2015 by K&P Enterprises

Tim Granpre Homeowner Laurel, MT June 15, 2022

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“Still going good!” after 4 years.

"It's still going good!  We talk about [EarthBuster] all the time with friends.  We've been very happy with it and they did a great job!"

Service provided in 2018 by K&P Enterprises

Wendy Hernandez Homeowner Pompey's Pillar, MT June 10, 2022

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3 years of relief from a troubled system.

"It's a very old and poorly built system--and we're waiting for city sewer to come to our rural neighborhood. Ken did us a lot of good when he came out to loosen up the ground.  Our house was built in 1969, and not up to code at the time--with half the drain field under the garage!  [The EarthBuster rejuvenation job] did well for the first three years before the system started failing again.  I have recommended it, and will again!"

Service provided in 2017 by K&P Enterprises

Cheryl Grenz Homeowner Lockwood, MT June 10, 2022

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5th year and working perfectly!

"We had EarthBuster done five years ago, and it's still working perfectly."

Service provided in 2017 by K&P Enterprises

Mark Homeowner WY June 10, 2022

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Drainfield’s still going strong after 5 years!

[Our drainfield] used to have some low spots where when we took a shower and did some loads of laundry, you could see the water out in the drain field.  But since [Ken} came and did the EarthBuster, it doesn't do that anymore.  With EarthBuster, you've got nothing to lose.  If you're having trouble with your septic, you've either gotta replace the drain field or try this--and if it works, it's better to try and fail than to not try at all.

Service provided in 2017 by K&P Enterprises

Jerry Metcalf Homeowner Hardin, MT June 10, 2022

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5 years: “It’s worked perfectly since then!”

"It's worked perfectly since then!  No issues at all.  If you have the sort of issues that EarthBuster fixes,I would highly recommend it.  It's just peculiar, actually, how quickly it straightened out, and how well it's been working!"

Service provided in 2017 by K&P Enterprises


John Welch Homeowner Huntley, MT June 10, 2022

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After 7 years: “It’s just great!”

After seven years:  "It's just great!  We don't have any kind of sludge like we had before.  (We had kind of a black sludge pile....and we had standing water.)   Anyway, we don't have that problem anymore!.  ....  I would suggest trying [EarthBuster] because I believe it potentially saved us a lot of money [over] having to put in a new septic system to try to remedy this.  And now we can mow our lawn and not have to go through black sewer sludge!"

Service provided in 2015 by K&P Enterprises

Janis Viren Homeowner Billings, MT June 10, 2022

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2 years: Pretty good since then!

It's been probably 2 years now and it's been pretty good since then!  Our field had gotten so compacted that it wouldn't accept water anymore.

Service provided in 2020 by K&P Enterprises

Greg Schreiner Homeowner Laurel, MT June 9, 2022

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Still good after 7 years!

"I had mushy drain fields...and it got so bad that...we could smell the sewage.  ...I was looking at $16,000 for a new drainfield, so [EarthBuster] saved me a lot of money, and we haven't experienced any problem at all since!"

Service provided in 2015 by K&P Enterprises

Steve Kenny Homeowner Billings, MT June 9, 2022

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7 years–Fantastic!

My drain field is just fine seven years later.  EarthBuster is sure worth a try before you dig up your whole drain field and start over!

Service provided in 2015 by K&P Enterprises

Kurt Goldberg Homeowner Billings, MT June 9, 2022

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7 Years Later–Still good!

"Oh, man! In comparison to having to put in a whole new drain field, it's...a no-brainer! It saved us a lot of money and it got the job done!"

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

Erica Schreibeis Homeowner Billings, MT June 3, 2022

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5 months later!

"Ken, you should come out again and check out the awesome results, after the winter! We are SO happy that EarthBuster solved our drainage issues. And our neighbor is probably the happiest!"

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

Janis Viren Homeowner Billings, MT March 24, 2022

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Now working perfectly

Barrett did the [EarthBuster] septic lateral line restoration for us and it performed exactly as they claimed. Our system is now working perfectly and this service saved us a lot of money and mess compared to a lateral line replacement. I would recommend their restoration to anyone having similar lateral line drainage issues.

Service provided by Barrett Soil & Septic Restoration, LLC

Shane Davis Homeowner Amarillo, TX March 24, 2022

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Best Money I Ever Spent

"I had it done about (June 2016). My septic tank would not drain out my drains. It opened everything up and drains great. Best money I ever spent." 

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

J. Lambert Homeowner Billings, MT January 7, 2017

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EarthBuster Costs Much Less

"We used this service and it solved our awful septic issue, keeping good relations with our neighbors and costing much less than a new septic system. Thanks, Ken and Peggy!"

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

Janis Viren Homeowner Billings, MT July 26, 2016

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Immediate Results!

"As soon as he started with his machine in the ground, we came over and looked, and the water [in the septic tank] went down almost immediately. …It has worked fine since then."

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

Kenneth D. Peterson Attorney, Landlord Billings, MT July 26, 2016

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No Problems Since!

"Our septic system was slow to drain into the drain field. When we took showers or used the washing machine too much in a short time, the water would back up in the septic tank and come to the surface of the ground. Then we got in touch with Earthbusters. The next day he came out and worked his magic on the soil. It relieved all the pressure that was in the drain field itself, and we haven’t had a problem since—and it’s been about 6 months now. Now I would recommend it to anybody. It’s safer and less expensive than putting in a new drain field, and it didn’t damage our system. In fact, the EarthBuster is such a good idea that it even made me think about getting one myself to become a service provider!"

Service provided by K&P Enterprises

Steven Lightfoot Homeowner Billings, MT July 25, 2016

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Returned to Full Operation!

"…While our house and septic system are only seven years old, our septic had been facing a complete failure that would have required a complete removal and replacement had it not been for Norm’s creativity in identifying a far more cost effective and lasting solution. He performed an [EarthBuster] procedure to immediately return the drain field to full operation..."

Service provided by RFC Excavating & Landscape Construction

Steven M. Hecht Homeowner Franklin Lakes, NJ July 25, 2016

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