Pneumatic Soil Fracturing Names

What is the name of the process that the EarthBuster is used for?  Great question!  It depends upon whom you ask.  The list below grows every time we run across a new name for it.

Pneumatic Soil Fracturing (PSF)

Using air to fracture soil, mostly for the purpose of increasing or restoring the flow of air, water, or other fluids through the soil.  This is probably one of the best terms for what EarthBuster does.  Be aware, however, that the same term is used in the oil industry, particularly for the technique of making soils more porous so that toxins can be vacuumed out of them.  EarthBuster simply pumps air into the soil, and beyond that, adds or removes nothing.

Pneumatic Soil Fracturing is also referred to as:

  • Soil Fracturing by Air Injection
  • Drain Field Restoration
  • Drain Field Rejuvenation
  • Drain Field Revitalization

All these terms are likely to be used to refer to pneumatic soil fracturing, but they may also refer to any of a number of other methods aimed at improving drainfield performance, such as bacterial additives, air pumps, etc.

Soil Restoration

This term can refer to any process or treatment that restores the soil to some particular state or property that it had in the past. While this is accurate of the EarthBuster’s soil decompacting for septic process, it would also be used to describe unrelated things, such as mineral content, or the amount of organic material that is present.

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