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“… While our house and septic system are only seven years old, our septic had been facing a complete failure that would have required a complete removal and replacement had it not been for RFC’s creativity in identifying a far more cost effective and lasting solution. He performed an [EarthBuster] procedure to immediately return the drain field to full operation. …”
~ Steven M. Hecht, Franklin Lakes, NJ. 20 November 2012.


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Statement from Dig-It Excavating

"Eight years ago we did our first [EarthBuster job], and that’s one’s still for sure working. Most of the systems that we’ve aerated over the years are still working. I think there’s maybe one or two that we had to go back because of the hydraulic load, where the systems just weren’t big enough to handle all the people that were living there, so we had to put in a bigger system. But our oldest one is 8 years, and we’ve had good success."

From a phone interview with Dervin Witmer, owner of Dig-It Excavating, Cassopolis, MI

Dervin Witmer EarthBuster Service Provider Cassopolis, MI June 24, 2022

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