Purchase Options & Accessories

Thinking about purchasing an EarthBuster?  We have a few options and accessories for you to consider.

The EarthBuster Deep Soil Decompactor

The EarthBuster comes with one standard 6-foot probe.

The EarthBuster
There is just one model of EarthBuster, so it’s easy to be sure you’re getting the right one. It comes with everything you need, but you do need to tell us which control interface you want. (See more on that below.)

The Probe
The EarthBuster also includes one probe assembly (cut off at the bottom of the picture to the right. Since the probe does take a lot of punishment during normal use,  even though its construction is super rugged, it is technically considered to be a consumable. Some customers, therefore, purchase a spare probe so that they won’t have any downtime in the event that their probe should bend, crack, or break during use.  Contact our Sales Department to purchase or to learn more.

Control Interface

The EarthBuster’s electronics have to hook up to the tractor you are using. We currently offer two standard choices, either of which is included in your EarthBuster purchase price. (Other custom interfaces may be available upon request.) You’ll need to tell us which system you want us to install on your EarthBuster.

  1. 4-pin Universal Controller. Our universal connector system is designed to work on any tractor, loader, excavator, etc. It integrates with a dual switch box for the air hammer and pneumatic fracturing. The bracket mounts to your tractor wherever you like, and you wire it into your own electrical system.
  2. 7-pin connector for Bobcat®. This connector hooks the EarthBuster straight into your Bobcat’s® 7-pin system so that you can operate the air hammer and the pneumatic fracturing directly from the left and right paddle controls of your Bobcat®.  This is especially useful since you don’t have to take your hands off the tractor’s controls to operate the EarthBuster.  [SG-CB-2000X-100-Genius-7 Pin Controller for Bobcat®Loaders- 2 Port.]
  3. Upgrade 7-pin connector for Bobcat®.  For those who already have an EarthBuster with a 4-pin system and want to upgrade without buying another EarthBuster. What you’ll get will plug right into your EarthBuster’s existing system on one end, and into your Bobcat’s® 7-pin system on the other. Price for 7-pin connector only: $650.00 Contact our Service & Parts Department to purchase.
  4. Other electrical connector upgrades. If you are using a tractor/skid-steer/loader/etc. with another type of connector, we can customize an EarthBuster for you with the kind of connector you need. Contact our Service & Parts Department and tell us what you need.

Probe Assembly (without EarthBuster purchase)

The EarthBuster’s probe assembly includes the probe, the probe tip, and the probe manifold. This is an extremely rugged assembly for an extremely rugged job. As with many other tools, such as jack hammer bits, drill bits, and saw blades, your EarthBuster probe assembly will eventually wear out. Price for probe assembly: $1,550 + Shipping    Contact our Service & Parts Department to purchase.

Depth Control Collar

Some jobs require a specific controlled depth.  For those jobs, we have a depth collar.    Contact our Service & Parts Department to purchase.