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Statement from Dig-It Excavating

"Eight years ago we did our first [EarthBuster job], and that’s one’s still for sure working. Most of the systems that we’ve aerated over the years are still working. I think there’s maybe one or two that we had to go back because of the hydraulic load, where the systems just weren’t big enough to handle all the people that were living there, so we had to put in a bigger system. But our oldest one is 8 years, and we’ve had good success."

From a phone interview with Dervin Witmer, owner of Dig-It Excavating, Cassopolis, MI

Dervin Witmer EarthBuster Service Provider Cassopolis, MI June 24, 2022

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Fixed my own drainfield, and then…

“After developing problems with my [own] septic drain-field being waterlogged last year, I discovered [EarthBuster] as a solution.  But there was no one in this half of Montana, and North Dakota that does this.  So after a lot of research, I … bought the equipment to do Earthbusting.  Last November … I decompacted or fracked my drain field and it worked amazingly well.  So then I did Larry Dempsey’s drain field which was in worse shape than mine and again had amazing results.  April 5, 2020.

Richard Lange EarthBuster Service Provider Wolf Point, MT June 27, 2022

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13 years…very profitable.

“We’ve had the EarthBuster about 13 years, and it has been very profitable.  We’re able to get a good price for the service while still saving the customer a lot of money.  We’ve had no problems with the jobs we’ve done—even the first EarthBuster jobs we did 13 years ago are still working.  Before we got the EarthBuster, we were doing this job with an earlier machine, back to 20 years ago, and even with those jobs, we have only had to go back on a couple of those jobs.  So we’ve had 20 years of experience doing this type of drainfield restoration work, and the success rate is very high.  We really like the EarthBuster because it’s much faster to use than the older machines, and with our compact track loader’s tracks, we hardly ever do any damage to the lawn.”
15 April 2016.  Read Septic Service

Henry Warfel, Read Septic Service EarthBuster Service Provider St. Charles, IL June 27, 2022

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The [home show] response was overwhelming.

"Soon after buying an EarthBuster we demonstrated all the advantages and usages it had at a local home show. The response was overwhelming for septic drain field rejuvenation, drainage improvement and other uses. It is really exciting to have a solution for home owners and small businesses that will save them money, with very minimal disruption to the lawn and landscaping. The only disappointment is the number of people we could have helped if we would have bought the EarthBuster sooner."  28 February 2016.  Common Ground Concepts LLC

Randy Miller EarthBuster Service Provider Newport, WA June 27, 2022

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Money back in 10 to 12 jobs.

“I’ve had my EarthBuster for 7 or 8 years.  I think it’s a great value; for what it costs, you can get your money back in 10 to 12 jobs.  I’ve probably done a hundred jobs.  I’m giving people a one-year guarantee—I’m so confident in it.  I just think it’s a great thing.” 18 February 2016

Jeff Field EarthBuster Service Provider Highland, MI June 27, 2022

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At least 50 [jobs] and the machine worked great!

"The EarthBuster machine works great. We have been using it for 13 years now. We have restored at least 50 septic fields and the machine worked great."  17 February, 2016.  Read Septic Service

Joseph Smith EarthBuster Service Provider St. Charles, IL June 27, 2022

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…so impressed that my company bought out the patent and took over the manufacturing!

“As a contractor, I continue to be amazed at how quickly the EarthBuster can rejuvenate a septic drain field with long lasting results. Substantial drainage improvement is almost always obvious even before we’ve finished a job. And EarthBuster is not just for septic systems; there are lots of opportunities for solving drainage issues in various situations, such as gravel parking lots and sports fields. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my customers such a cost-effective solution that I know they’ll be satisfied with for years to come. But it’s more than just that; the EarthBuster provides strong profits for the contractor, too—much stronger than a pumper truck. So with the EarthBuster, everybody wins—homeowner and contractor alike. In fact, when I began to realize what a strong solution EarthBuster is for these common problems, I was so impressed that my company bought out the patent and took over the manufacturing!”  November 2015.  K&P Enerprises, LLC

Ken Miller EarthBuster Manufacturer and Service Provider Laurel, MT June 27, 2022

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