On-Site Testing of Earthbuster Deep Soil Decompactor

Title:  On-Site Testing of Earthbuster – Deep Soil Decompactor
By:  Eric Stahl / Stahllion, LLC
Location:  Laurel, MT, USA
Date:  10 July 2023

DESCRIPTION:  This study was commissioned by EarthBuster “to analyze where and how the fracture seams occur when in use.”  That is, particularly, to determine whether EarthBuster creates fractures downward from the tip of the probe in the ground.  The study introduced a colored tracer powder into the EarthBuster air stream before injecting the air, and then dog up the EarthBusted job site to trace in the soil which direction the fractures had gone.  Here’s the final sentence of the conclusion:  “In the testing conducted, tracer powder was not found to have traveled deeper than the injection points during the testing in these soils.

You may download and read the entire report at this link:  Engineering Report – Testing and Results